Be Our Guest!


We are looking forward to our discussion! You should have received some of the guiding questions that we plan to discuss via email. Below includes notes on what to expect for the recording.

Logistics Guide:

We plan to record for about an hour and then we will edit the recording down to the best 20-30 minutes. Once complete we will send an edited version of the episode to you to review along with the publishing schedule and cross promotional information.

Recording Guide:

To ensure best audio quality, we ask that you record your side of the conversation and send us the file afterward (please see guidance below for Mac/PC/smartphone). We will be recording via Zoom and we ask that you please use headphones to limit the background noise.

Choose your most cluttered and softly-furnished room to record in (a closet is actually an option!) and try to keep the recording space as noise free as possible. Close windows, add pillows around your mic, put the baby gates up, whatever you can do to limit the background noise.

If you have an external microphone, please use a pop filter if you have one. If you don’t, speak into the mic at a slight angle (turn it about 45 degrees) to avoid loud pops/plosives. Place external mics a consistent distance from your mouth (5-8 inches).

Instructions for Recording: 

Mac – Use either the Voice Memos app or the QuickTime Player – you can find both using the Finder/Launchpad or download free on the App Store. 

Ensure you’re capturing audio with your external mic by opening ‘System Preferences’ on your Mac, and in ‘Sound’ select your microphone under the ‘Input’ tab. 

In Voice Memos – before recording, open app preferences and change ‘Audio Quality’ to ‘Lossless’.

After the conversation, please save the file and send it to us via email. 

PC – download Audacity and install it on your computer. Open it and you’ll see a blank project. Simply select your external mic from the input drop-down menu in the lower part of the main toolbar and press the record button. You should see a waveform being created as you speak.

After the conversation, go to File > Export and select ‘Export as WAV’. Save the file and send to us via email, or if larger than 10MB (quite likely) please use WeTransfer to send it to us.


It’s best to use your smartphone to record your audio if you don’t have an external mic. Raise your phone to mouth-level on something in front of you (e.g. a box or stack of books) so that the microphone (ie. the bottom of the device) points directly at your mouth and is no more than a few inches away throughout the conversation.


Use the Voice Memos app on your iPhone. First, open your iPhone’s settings and scroll down to Voice Memos. Change ‘Audio Quality’ to ‘Lossless’ (for best quality audio). To record, open the Voice Memos app and hit record. 

After the conversation, please send us that file through the ‘Share’ button. If it’s too big for email, hit ‘Share’ and put it in iCloud or Dropbox, then send us the link to that file in the cloud.


On your phone, download the Voice Recorder app. In ‘Settings’, select ‘Recording quality’ and choose the highest value available. Then simply hit the red record button before our conversation. 

After the conversation, please send us the file through the ‘Share’ function within the app, or from your phone’s file system.

Thank you again for joining us for this conversation and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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