Bossed Up by Emilie Aries

Book Club

In this refreshing guide, Emilie Aries shares research and personal stories to spotlight the unique challenges that young women face today. Uncertain job markets. Burnout culture. Pressure to advance. Emilie shares guidance on advocating for ourselves and beating burnout. She encourages women to find the confidence and tools to be leaders. We can have it all if we take care of ourselves along the way!

Check out our episode with Emilie Aries about how to recognize the warning signs and ultimately beat burnout.

Bossed Up (Amazon)

The Genius of Women by Janice Kaplan


Society tells girls they can be anything… so why do 90% of Americans assume geniuses are men? In this book, Janice Kaplan celebrates the women who overcame a rigged system and have triumphed. Genius isn’t just talent. It’s talent recognized and celebrated!

The Genius of Women (Amazon)